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footwear in that pic was inspired when i saw this pic

anyone know the artist on this?

Atelier Olschinsky - Pixel City
louisroskosch: epic

Опасные подвесные мосты (35 фото)

Titan of industry (by odin’s_raven)
Huge steam engine in abandoned waterworks - New Jersey
The kicks are sick, but the hat makes it. Not only a perfect expression of Mike, but look closely…is that not the eternal ‘za?


The Party Dude!!!
A couple of folks have been drawing Ninja Turtles lately, among my favorites are the ones done by Corey Lewis and Ross Campbell. Now it’s my turn.
I’m gonna break convention and lead with Michelangelo. I imagine Mike gained a love for NY party culture, watching parties from beneath the thumping streets downtown. He really likes classic break beats. I can see him literally digging through crates of discarded records for music. Somewhere under the city is one of the biggest record collections.
I’m gonna at least draw all 4 and sell the original drawings on my etsy. This one is on a scrap piece of 11x17 DC Strathmore. 
proper cosplay.
guhhh harvey james
forgot to fave this one:/ …but more importantly, how many different G_DFaces can you seen in it?