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I wanted to experiment in style and see if I could do that cool thing with flat colors and shapes that a lot of you people do that I’ve never quite been able to do. I’ve also been watching a lot of Mobile Suit Gundam, so I made this homage to my favorite pink robot: Char Aznable’s Zaku II. 
So what do you think? Like? If so, I might make a set of these (with some other mobile suits from the series) and sell them as fancy-dan prints.

Iceland, My Edit of Patagonia’s original post here

Nuba, Sudan  by Kazuyoshi Nomachi

Yoshitaka Amano-Fanatical Feast

pavement narrows (again)



Tiny Little Glitter Painting. 2014

The modern mobile assault team is said to be built around the Archer.  What separates the Archer from other combat operatives is the Archer’s ability to reach high value targets from far distances. Modern tactics have been sculpted around this aspect, and typically teams are assembled with the objective of providing the Archer with a clear shot.  Because an Archer’s shot is imbued with such importance in missions, there has been continuous efforts towards maximizing the impact of the Archer’s payload. The bow string of a mil spec long range bow platform is said to have enough tensile strength to cut through soft wood.  At a full draw, this high tension spider silk bow string allows the arrow to reach its target at super sonic speeds, while arrow shafts are milled from aircraft aluminum to ensure minimum mid flight flexing. But it’s most often the arrowhead that is crafted with the most exotic materials, ranging from high carbon steels to depleted uranium. Though the main objective of the Archer is to send accurate shots to eliminate essential targets, the harsh demands of combat and ever increasing tensile strength of the bow string necessitated the development of a new hands free/ bow hand support system.  Cutting edge gyro scope technology now allows the Archer to take both hands away from his primary weapon to adjust arrowheads, switch to his secondary weapon, or make quick adjustments to his bow without having to break his sight picture.  This new anchor point assisting levers system, or APAL system allows the Archer not only to load his arrow to his rig and go hands free, but allows him to concentrate on observation and surveillance without having to sacrifice the time it takes to get that crucial arrow down range. 

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