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Giannis’s Prophet Earth War #2 cover. 

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Happy 97th birthday to the King!
Original presentation piece by Jack Kirby (pencils) and Mike Royer (inks), circa 1978, which was part of a series of designs Kirby created for a film adaptation of Roger Zelazny’s science-fiction novel, The Lord of Light. 

Back Jack

Summer Girls 4.0
I paint a summer themed painting every year with sexy ladies in it. This is the fourth in that series.
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赤魔道士Red Mage
(Big Black & White version)

Gaia Gear - Hiroyuki Kitazume

Photographed by Meinke Klein for Garage Spring/Summer 2013


Reuben WuFrench Valley, 2012

Wuthering Heights
Acrylics, Cardboard and Cerulean Blues in the Svmmer ov Hate
© kero 014
Hey Brandon. I'm going out on a limb & asking for ~~creative~~ advice. I'm in the middle of making my first comic that'll be bigger than a few pages long. The plan was to self-publish as a 16p thing. I've just finished inking EVERYTHING and at this point I hate it. I think it sucks and so lettering it is becoming a struggle, morale-wise. So I guess my Q is: do you ever scrap anything half way or do you always make a point to finish what you start? Thx


hmm I’ve certainly left things unfinished. I think it’s ok to take it for what it was and move on to something you’d be more excited to work on. Maybe with the idea that you could return to it if you wanted to in the future. 

I feel like so much of making comics, or any art is forgiving yourself and finding new ways to make the work fun. 


prep pass ish for a a story from next year