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The dudes at The Emerald city comic con let me do the cover for the program book this year. So I drew the convention center escalators full of characters from the creators that are gonna be at the show. 
They’re all or mostly all creator owned (with the exception of the Bubble gum crisis Priss) 
This was lots of fun to draw, I’ll post a guide to who everyone is later. 

two and a half weeeeeeeeeks..!

gold fetish



(psst i am open for sketch commissions)

ZOSS, Master of the Universe, the Conquering King, Lord of Throne and master of Powerful Eyebrows.

rainy city
30 minutes.

Hey guys, here’s a little pdf collecting odds and ends from the past few years. The vast majority of the stuff is from this blog, with some things I haven’t shown and plenty of Prophet pencils and inks.
Coming out of this slump, I thought this might be a good way to seal off and tuck away the old stuff and move onto new things. It’s basically just an abridged version of this blog that you can take offline if you want. The drawings are in roughly chronological order, from old to new.
SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS 11-13 DOWNLOAD [356 pages .PDF ≃148.mb]