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A spot for Scientific American about brown fat cells that generate heat to burn regular fat cells in the fight against obesity. 
Thanks to AD Michael Mrak.

Hi i put up a new comic (in a similar vein to this) on gumroad for $1 (or you can pay a bit more if you’re feeling generous/like what i do in general) here’s a description…
A graphic short story about a conversation with a conflicted Death, dealing with yourself and ultimately letting go set in a glitchy surrealist pixel world. 
It’s like a point and click adventure game you have no control over and lasts only a short time! It’s one really long page because it worked better as a single image rather than being broken up, if you buy it I hope you like it! reblogs are appreciated as well. Thanks everyone! 
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Forest by Wilhelm Sasnal (2003)Oil on Canvas, 45 x 45cm (18 x 18in)

bundle of herbs and a feather and, barely visible on the right, a little cabbage butterfly for taryn, who is just the nicest and most fun to hang out with while tattooing! thanks so much, lady!