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Winston Chmielinski
Hi Giannis. I'm far from being professionaly good in my drawings, but it's more like joann sfar's style than yours, which is more realistic. Sometimes I think, for this reason, that I'll never be good enough to work in comics. What's your opinion?



It’s never one or the other, and drawing more realistically/representationally doesn’t equate being good enough for anything. Maybe “mainstream” comics (whatever that means) are leaning more towards realistic/easier to digest drawings (which is changing) but that’s not all there is to comics (like you said, look at Sfar and the infinite number of people who draw differently).  I think big part of “working in comics” is creating work for yourself, doing your dream comics on your own and showing people what you can do. Find what kind of comics you want to be making and the drawings adjust themselves as you get better and more confident. Find where the work you are doing is going to be more likely to find an audience. We’re only ever told we’re not good enough to work in comics by people who want us to be doing work different to what we want.

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printing this and putting it on my wall, for those moments of weakness.



Chinese Dragon Fish Bronze Censer, 18th/19th century, in the Ming style, the censer depicting a carp transforming into a dragon.
According to Chinese legend, when a carp jumped up and crossed the “Dragon’s Gate” waterfall on the Yellow River, a virtually impossible task, he would be transformed into a dragon.


"Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered."

Yasmin Mogahed  (via thatkindofwoman)