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The dudes at The Emerald city comic con let me do the cover for the program book this year. So I drew the convention center escalators full of characters from the creators that are gonna be at the show. 
They’re all or mostly all creator owned (with the exception of the Bubble gum crisis Priss) 
This was lots of fun to draw, I’ll post a guide to who everyone is later. 

two and a half weeeeeeeeeks..!

Brandon Graham (royalboiler)
Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity (back cover)

A pin up I did for the awesome book Pretty deadly. and I wrote a post about stuff I’ve been up to HERE

Here’s a print I did for the signing at GOSH thisss Friday. 

I drew Lum this morning. 

I really like this. (I’m also working on a book with the same name)
Man, I’d love to see something like this on a comic cover. 

headed to Seattllle for a signing tomorrow, so I wrote a post about what I’ve been up to.
Also the art on here from the next Prophet issue
0- Giannis milonogiannis (Joseph Bergin III colors)
1-Joseph Bergin III
2-5 Matt Sheean & malachi ward
6-10 James Stokoe
11 Aaron Conley (Joseph Bergin III colors)
12-14 Lando
15 Ron Wimberly & Brandon Graham
16-20 Simon Roy (Joseph Bergin III colors) 

Since I’m fucking around on here so much today, here’s a recent miley cyrus We can’t stop drawing I did for the Thickness dudes.
Yeah, I have no excuse. and that’s heath ledger too. 
I’m told that the Japanese  says something along the lines of” change into something more casual.”