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PRINT Nº011 - THIEVES (via)

Gianmarco Magnani


Moebius’ Arzach, by Katsuhiro Otomo

He doesn’t need my help getting followers, but Ian @ the Airtight Garage is an inspiration for this blog here. Otomo covers Moebius.

ok i know i just reblogged this image but holy fuck i suddenly realized something so i had to check.
and yeah there it is.
otomo i love you.
artist is katsuhiro otomo obviously.


Katalinga Vermouchu - Porteur manches longues - L45

I wanted to experiment in style and see if I could do that cool thing with flat colors and shapes that a lot of you people do that I’ve never quite been able to do. I’ve also been watching a lot of Mobile Suit Gundam, so I made this homage to my favorite pink robot: Char Aznable’s Zaku II. 
So what do you think? Like? If so, I might make a set of these (with some other mobile suits from the series) and sell them as fancy-dan prints.

Iceland, My Edit of Patagonia’s original post here