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Giannis’s Prophet Earth War #2 cover. 

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Back Jack
Hey Brandon. I'm going out on a limb & asking for ~~creative~~ advice. I'm in the middle of making my first comic that'll be bigger than a few pages long. The plan was to self-publish as a 16p thing. I've just finished inking EVERYTHING and at this point I hate it. I think it sucks and so lettering it is becoming a struggle, morale-wise. So I guess my Q is: do you ever scrap anything half way or do you always make a point to finish what you start? Thx


hmm I’ve certainly left things unfinished. I think it’s ok to take it for what it was and move on to something you’d be more excited to work on. Maybe with the idea that you could return to it if you wanted to in the future. 

I feel like so much of making comics, or any art is forgiving yourself and finding new ways to make the work fun. 


prep pass ish for a a story from next year

Ariel Ries (witchy-comic)
so, from under mountains is part of 8house but without the name? also, if you know and can say, how long it'll be? oh, and when is 8house meant to launch?


We’re still messing with the packaging trade dress whozaboo of the 8house line. 

Claire, Sloane and Marian have got 12 issues planned so far of From under mountains.

There’s not a set date yet. both Xurxo and Marian are each 3/4th of the way done with their 1st issues but I love the idea of not sending #1 to print until we’re sure that there’ll be no deadline rush and the art can be done up. (the stuff they’re doing is sooo pretty)


Here’s a Gatorade commercial I drew in my sketchbook. 

A page from my new Multiple Warheads that I’ve been working on again recently. I’ve been having soo much fun on these pages.