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"X and Y" by Maré Odomo ⊟
Shout outs to Pokémon trainers who have pink hair, or who are people of color, or who like to stand around looking cool while modeling the letters from the next Pokémon game.
Love these trainers, this concept, and the art show/party Maré created this for: Fangamer X Attract Mode, which opens in Seattle next week during PAX. Along with a buttload of pieces from a dream team of artists, the show will have games, music, and drinks.
Basically, if you are in the area and you don’t go, you are dumb. I’m sorry if that’s mean, but I’m bummed that I won’t be anywhere near Seattle next week.
PREORDER Pokemon X and Y, upcoming releases

Collab with Maré! He wrote the words and I drew the pictures

bike on Flickr.
Bikes are hard to draw. Sketch for a small painting, maybe??

4 (by mareodomo)
“be forest people”

Letters to an Absent Father:




This last one is new!

I made these things.

It’s almost been a year since HG&SS came out. So it’s almost been a year since I posted that first comic on flickr. I feel like I haven’t done anything since then.

It’s weird how new people keep finding this and reblogging it. I keep thinking that everyone who would care has already seen it.

Anyway, you guys are nice.