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4th Dimensional Census (and a message for the ladies) (by zacksoto)
Mostly Gouache, 2008
Feud. Baron and Nelson. still got a soft spot for this one

one of my absolute favorite albums of all time. a dear friend gave me their stuff 4 years ago, and I don’t think it’s left my my playlist for more than a month since then.


D-pi: This is a great album… great performers too, still rock the house.


Gang Of Four, “Natural’s Not In It” off Entertainment! (1979)

the problem / of leisure: / what to do / for pleasure?

When this song starts, you think, “Some shit is about to go down.” Makes me want to get in a fight and/or make something. (P.E.’s “Welcome To The Terrordome” has the same effect.) And yes, used perfectly in the underrated Marie Antoinette.


choose not a life of imitation



Having finally tired of the weird politics of the freelance body-building world, I’ve spent the first fourth of 2011 coloring a million (maybe 40) pages of comics, beginning (and almost certainly ending) my career in television animation, and drawing the 10 page comic that this page is from.I don’t know how much I’m supposed to say about it yet, but it was commissioned by a dude that’s making a video game which the comic ties into and that I’m really excited about.  And I finally got to write a (really short) 1970s-esque Sci Fi story which is probably my favorite genre next to 90s cereal commercials with rapping dogs, and poems that are about and/or are supposed to be written by horses.
I’ll talk more about it soon.

i miss seeing your comics on my dash, pete. this is completely insane.


bike on Flickr.
Bikes are hard to draw. Sketch for a small painting, maybe??

First piece of fanart. Cat Eyed Boy. Yeaaaaaaaaaa.